About Us

Quirky and slightly off centre, the alter ego of a flower child. We offer you home, corporate and event decor, stationery you simply have to have and gifts for any occasion!

One part of our range comprises of ready-made items that can be purchased online through our website or by contacting us directly. 

The other part of our range is not so easy to bottle with a label on it (so to speak).  We LOVE to make customised items, for your home, office, wedding, events, for gifts, for occasions and for “just because’s” and the oh so important “from me to me’s”!

Browse through the “Stuff we’ve done” gallery to get an idea of what we are able to “Bake” and perhaps you may feel inspired! Alternatively call me and we will happily chat to you about what we can offer you.

By purchasing a hand made item from The Baked Bean, you instantaneously (big word huh?) become part of our Baked Bean Family (sorry for you lol).

Our little can (notice can not clan) of Beans is a special one.  We LOVE what we do and we LOVE the people that “see” the world through similar hearts. 

We’re quirky, gentle, odd, earthy, wild, spontaneous, colorful, off centre, loyal and most of all HAPPY!  So we ask you to please share the happiness with as many people as you can (I know – we punned again).  Yes, we are asking you to turn into a “TwitFace” and Tweet, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all about your recent purchase.  The more people who “step over to the other side” and join us Baked ones, the more jobs we will be able to create and as a result create even more happiness in a generally tough world.

Baked up with Love
Chief Bean Baker (CBB)

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